Our services can save your firm and client thousands in document review and production costs. In today’s complex litigation environment, we can help make documents, e-Discovery and shrinking budgets easier to manage.

  • Scan, index, OCR and bates number your documents
  • Save thousands in review time and fees
  • Meet your filing and production deadlines
  • Our team can work onsite with portable document scanning equipment
  • Reduce your document production costs by providing electronic copies

e-Discovery Cleanup

Expert witnesses, consultants and Attorneys can benefit from our services. Has opposing counsel or a client ever provided completely unstructured documents on CD or DVD? Have you struggled to review the documents and find relevant content or salient issues? If so we can help. Using our electronic document repository and OCR technology we can provide the tools you need for successful document reviews and victorious outcomes. We’ve assisted in dozens of cases just like this. Contact us today for more information and a free trial period.