Making the Change – What is your strategy?

Pacific eDocument Solutions has the credentials, experience and creativity it takes to design an in-house document imaging solution for your firm or business. Together with our IT staff and our industry partners, we can design and implement an entire system or simply help you evaluate the needs of your business and show you how document imaging\scanning can work for you.

The idea of moving from paper based file and storage systems to electronic documents can be overwhelming. Questions regarding converting the documents in-house or outsourcing can be confusing. Creating a plan to go forward with electronic documents should take into account many factors. We understand this can be a lot think about. To help out, we have created some usage scenarios that are modeled after past successful document scanning projects.

There are three basic ingredients used here:

Create and Launch you own internal scanning and electronic document management system

  • Pros
    • Benefits include internal control, ownership of systems for ROI
    • Integrate electronic document management system to line of business applications
    • Onsite management of process and staff
  • Cons
    • Can be capital intensive and have ongoing overhead for labor, systems maintenance and support contracts
    • The training and learning curves can reduce payback time and cause expensive quality issues
    • Opportunity cost - If scanning is not your business, it can detract from what your organization does best

Outsource the back-file conversion and do your own go-forward scanning and document management

  • Pros
    • Benefits include lower capital investment, implementation cost and easier to roll-out
    • Rapid completion time to keep your staff dedicated to what you do best and leave the scanning to us
    • Less time and internal staff
    • Less expensive equipment is needed to process future documents
  • Cons
    • Adding new scanning duties to non-specialized staff
    • Additional training time to maximize scanning and indexing productivity
    • Additional initial management overhead

Fully outsource the backfile and day-forward scanning to document imaging experts

  • Pros
    • Benefits include rapid completion of back file scan
    • Your staff sticks to what it does best
    • Fast return on investment
    • Reduce or eliminate capital costs for day forward scanning hardware and software
    • Quickly reduce storage costs and reclaim office space
    • Integrate electronic document management system to line of business applications
  • Cons
    • Less internal control but should be mitigated with proper vendor communication and proof of concept prior to project commencement
    • Ongoing expenses will need to be measured for ROI
    • You can’t just turn on a dime. Procedural changes within the organization or departments will need to involve planning and communication with the document scanning vendor and solutions provider prior to implementation
    • Changes can be slower or faster to implement depending on service level agreements