Document Scanning Services

Pacific eDocument Solutions is a local and regional provider of Electronic Document Management, Scanning and workflow services. With over 40 years of combined experience in the industry we offer robust yet inexpensive and flexible solutions. Providing return on investment, enhanced productivity and continuity is our goal with every client. Since 2004 we have helped enable paperless processes and business process streamlining with a personal touch.

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Why Document Imaging?

Have you ever spent 20 minutes locating, copying, and sending out a document? Would you like to cut that time down to only two minutes or less? How much does it cost to pay an office worker to find and copy documents? If that time could be better spent, we should meet.

Does this sound like your office?

  • 10 employees file 10 documents each per day = 100 documents
  • Each file takes three minutes to file = Five hours per day
  • At $15 per hour per employee and 20 work days per month the cost is a staggering $1500 per month
  • Reducing this time by 75% and paying someone to scan 20 hours monthly can save you up to $9,900 per year!

What Our Customers Say

Pacific eDocument Solutions has enabled our firm to compete in the next generation of document technology by adding value, efficiency, and friendly support to our office. What could be better than that?
- Selise A. Smith of Brayton <> Purcell

Our experience with PeDS has been superb; we have been able to streamline our entire document imaging process and have therefore been able to develop a reliable structure of document indexing that our employees and regulators can count on for rapid access to documents on-demand.
- Timothy M. Admire, Assistant Vice President | Trust Investments & Compliance Manager

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